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Help save the planet and your hormones

Help save the planet and your hormones

Many chemicals that we use in our every day lives these days have an affect on our beautiful planet. Some of these chemicals are also known as “endocrine disruptors” meaning that they can affect the balance of your hormones.

Endocrine Disruptors can contribute to hormonal symptoms, fertility issues and even some cancers. Continued use of products that have endocrine disruptors in them, may lead to one or some of these issues, so it is important to start being aware of them.

It can be difficult to change everything you use in your household all at once, so here’s a good place to start!

1). Biphenol- A and Biphenol -S are chemicals found in some plastics. Many products are now “BPA free”, but we still have to be mindful of BPS. The easiest way to avoid these plastics is to avoid “soft plastics” as much as possible. While it’s not a hard and fast rule, it can help to reduce these chemicals. BPA and BPS are known to have an effect on estrogen levels. It is interesting to note that breast and prostate cancers, which are both often related to high estrogen have both increased dramatically as have these plastics in our environment.

Start by avoiding (as much as possible) single use bottles for water, juice etc. Bring your own with you. Buy a BPA and BPS free water bottle and ask for it to be refilled wherever you go instead of buying drinks. This helps save the planet by reducing waste and helps keep your hormones healthy.

2). Say hello to natural nails and good bye to nail polish. According to a study done in conjunction with Duke university and Environmental Working Group (EWG), many nail polishes contain a chemical called triphenol phosphate (TPHP). This chemical has been known to disrupt hormones. In animal studies it has caused reproductive and developmental irregularities.

Embrace natural nails (they look amazing!) or only get your nails painted on special occasions. Nail polish bottles increase landfill and the chemicals in them are not good for the environment.

3). Eat organic as much as possible! There are many pesticides and herbicides that are known for the hormone disruption properties. Glyphosate is one of the main ingredients in round up. The use of glyphosate has increased dramatically since the introduction of Genetically Modified Foods (GMO). A 2009 study shows that glyphosate has an effect on both androgen (male hormone) and estrogen receptors.

Eating organic means that less of these chemicals are going into the environment. It also means that you’re not supporting GMO foods which hidden in many processed foods. Public awareness and action is the only way to decrease these foods in our food chain. By eating organic, you are helping to save the planet and your health. The food we eat is our number one medicine or our greatest toxin. It’s not to say that you can’t enjoy “soul nourishing foods”, it’s just about making the best choice that you can for that moment in time.

If you’ve been feeling “hormonal” (you know, feeling cranky, teary or crampy before your period or are getting too many hot flushes) or you are tired all the time, it could indicate you have been over-exposed to these chemicals. I can highly recommend doing an Empowered Health Detox Program. By clean eating and taking nutritional supplements to help support your liver eliminate the toxins, you may have a whole new lease on life!

We have got so used to having all of these things in our life without thinking about it. When we are not proactive in the consumer choices we make, our health and our environment can suffer. It’s not to say to stop having fun or not grab that bottle of water because you forgot to bring your own from home. It’s about small changes slowly. What can I change first? This question just starts the ball rolling and before you know it, your consuming habits have changed 20 different things…already a positive impact on our environment. Then keep going… it will only bring about better health for us and our planet.

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Andrea Strand nee Hepner

Naturopath & Director

Director, Public Speaker and Naturopath, Andrea Hepner has been successfully helping people to get well over the last 10 years. Andrea’s approach is to blend science and traditional medicine to achieve optimum results for her patients.

Emma Tippett

Naturopath & Director

Emma Tippett is an enthusiastic and caring naturopathic practitioner. As a dedicated Melbourne Naturopath she believes that finding and maintaining your optimal health is the primary focus of your treatment.


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