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5 Steps To Achieve Harmony & Calmness In Your Life

5 Steps To Achieve Harmony & Calmness In Your Life

I often get asked “How do I achieve Harmony and Calmness in my life?”. Many of us are so busy, that time feels like it rushes by, but creating harmony and calmness isn’t unobtainable in our lives. It is achievable. For me, it’s about stopping and recognising the beauty in my day; it’s about no longer retelling my old “blah-blah” stories. And, it’s about letting go of how I think things should be.

Sounds like a big ask, doesn’t it?
And to be honest, I wasn’t always able to do this. But if I can achieve Harmony and Calmness in my life, so can you and here’s how.

1) Be Centred. Make a conscious choice to be calm and centred. You can achieve this in numerous ways such as walking in nature, listening to music, being in a quiet space and meditating. When you need support, ask for it. It will help you create calmness in yourself.

2) Be Responsible. Choose the position of responsibility for what you are doing and feeling in your life. Stop bullying and blaming yourself and others for the things that aren’t how you think they should be.

3) Be Gentle. Understand you are truly doing the best you can in every moment of every day and be gentle on yourself. Stop looking back and wishing you’d done things differently, all you’re achieving is draining your own energy by questioning your actions and abilities.

4) Be Pro-active. How are you feeling right now? Are these emotions supporting you in your day? If not, take a couple of deep breaths and release the emotion from your body with the intention to create emotions that will support you. Actively choose the way you feel.

5) Be In Charge. You are the driver of your physical vehicle – your body. Take charge and be willing to learn how to have your mind and body work for you. After all, you control your day and your destiny.

I am a huge believer in the John of God Crystal Light Healing Bed in supporting the release of negative situations and emotions, by rebalancing our chakra energy. From science to metaphysics, we are all energy. Chakra energy is rebalancing ourselves from within. It is truly amazing how differently we see our world when we reach that space of calm and harmony. Everything becomes clearer, more achievable (without having to “do” so much) and easier.
At Empowered Health we offer a variety of services to support every person in mind, body and spirit. Call us for a free 10 minute phone chat about how we may be able to help you and complete step one, asking for support when you need it.

Love always



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