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Alysia Raftery

Alysia Raftery

Naturopath, Myotherapist

Alysia Raftery, Naturopath, Myotherapist & Mum, started her Naturopathic career in London over 13 years ago, where she was fortunate to learn from some amazing Naturopaths who inspired her to complete her Bachelor Degree in Naturopathy at Endeavour College of Natural Medicine in Melbourne.

Alysia sincerely appreciates each patient and takes the time to hear their story, while aiming to find the underlying root cause of each problem.

Alysia’s main focus in clinic is Women’s Health particularly Natural Fertility, helping couples prepare for pregnancy, restoring period health and hormones, and managing PCOS.

After years of taking the oral contraceptive pill, Alysia found that it had in fact caused havoc on her real hormones. She suffered with pill induced PCOS and had no period for a long time. Alysia sort out natural treatment for fertility and preconception care and is very grateful to be blessed with her family. She understands the troubles that hormones can do to self-esteem, energy and mood and is passionate about helping others balance their hormones too.

Alysia also has a passion for children’s health. Being a mum of two boys, she genuinely understands how important having a healthy child is. Alysia’s detailed care and practical experience leads parents to discover just how effective natural therapies can be for their child. Alysia has had success with children and babies who have
• Sleep Issues – falling asleep and staying asleep
• Recurrent Infections – ear, nose & chest
• Behavioural Disorders – anxiety, tantrums, clinginess, nervousness

Alysia says “It’s fantastic that many people are becoming more health conscious these days. There is so much information available on Dr Google and Social media, that finding the right treatment can be overwhelming, and sometimes conflicting. Being guided by an experienced practitioner, can help break it down so that it‘s the right fit for you, made easy”.

Preconception care enabled Alysia to enjoy and have two healthy pregnancies which resulted in amazing births. This then led her into a whole new world of children’s health. She loves how the circle of life has influenced the circle of her career to help families during this sometimes challenging, but joyful time.

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