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Focus On You This Mother’s Day

Focus On You This Mother’s Day

Focus On You This Mother’s Day

I used to think that Mother’s Day was just about making my mum breakfast in bed, maybe getting her a box of chocolates, and thanking her for being such a wonderful mum! Mother’s Day is still all those things to me, but in recent years since I’ve become a mother myself it has taken on a much more personal meaning.

Mother’s Day is a great reminder that mothers need to be nurtured. However, when it’s only one day a year it is simply not enough for you to thrive on a physical and emotional level.

In our busy lives with a million things to do our bodies are in constant overdrive and our sympathetic nervous system is on high alert. When this happens you pump vast amounts of adrenaline and cortisol around your body to help get you through your hectic days. This draws on your adrenals and over time can leave you depleted, tired and stressed.

The opposing nervous system to the sympathetic is the parasympathetic, also known as our “rest and digest” system. There are many wonderful herbs and nutritionals that can help to “put the brakes” on our sympathetic nervous system and evoke the parasympathetic. While it is important to seek help if your sympathetic nervous system is working over time, there are a few very simple and often overlooked ways to balance and support your nervous system.

There is nothing I recommend more strongly than taking time out for you on a regular basis and do something that nourishes you and brings you joy. The best ways my clients and I have found to take time out are:

• Spending time in nature
• Reading a book you really enjoy
• Exercise
• Spending time with friends
• Stretching or gentle yoga
• Practicing mindfulness meditation
• Reigniting your passion for that long lost hobby
• Or simply sitting in the sunshine with a good old cup of tea

“But I can’t possibly take time out of my schedule for that sort of thing!” I hear you say. Well as a mother myself, I’m constantly fine tuning the art of balance in all aspects of my personal, professional and family life. I completely understand where you are coming from. However I’ve truly found since I’ve taken time out of my schedule on a weekly basis to do something just for myself that I am much more energetic and happy. All areas of my life flow more harmoniously and I have more to give to my loved ones. More patience, kindness and love.

As a health professional I am keenly aware of the long term effects of stress on the body. Immune system dysfunction, mood disorders and digestive issues are common. Knowing this I can say with confidence that taking time out for yourself on a regular basis is not selfish. It is something you can’t afford not to do.

By incorporating Mothers Day moments every week you will begin to notice the changes taking place not only in your body but in your life. And you never know, you may just be happier, more vibrant and a better mother for it!

Greta Leonard,

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