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Can Hormonal Imbalances Be Linked To Your Stress?

Can Hormonal Imbalances Be Linked To Your Stress?

Did you know during long periods of stress, your hormones can become unbalanced?

These days we live in a world where most of us are on the go, all the time. This constant “go” without rest, also dubbed as #rushingwomensyndrome can play havoc with your hormones. Add in a stressful event or two and you being to give the hormone which keeps you balanced under stress, cortisol a real run for its money!

When this begins to happen #AdrenalFatigue can become the result. In fact #rushingwomensyndrome is considered the resistance phase of adrenal fatigue. At this point in time your cortisol and other hormones related to stress such as DHEA begin to run low and this can have a major, undesirable effect on the body.

Symptoms of #rushingwomensyndrome include

  • Weight loss or gain
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Anxiety or anxious or worrying thoughts
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Irritable Bowel syndrome
  • Reduced thyroid function
  • High Cholesterol

And if the day should come that you actually do run out of steam and are faced with #AdrenalFatigue your symptoms may include- Chronic Fatigue

– Autoimmune Disease
– Chemical sensitivity
– Salt and Sugar cravings
– Fatigue of unknown origin
– swollen glands/ sore throat

So what’s the connection between hormonal imbalance and your stress?

Cortisol is linked very closely with progesterone. During periods of high stress your body requires more cortisol and as a result progesterone naturally decreases. And when progesterone decreases, oestrogen increases. This is because progesterone and oestrogen work on a pulley system. And this particular can lead to many hormonal symptoms including

This may even contribute towards certain hormonal conditions including Polycystic Ovaries, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Fibroids and Endometriosis.

Many of us can get cranky or have hormonal symptoms each month that we think we really must do something about. But after a few days they subside and we go about our business forgetting they had happened. Until the next month comes and we think the same. How do I know this? Because I did the same until I was eventually diagnosed with Polycystic Ovaries (PCO). Although I don’t have PCO anymore, at the time it was the only reason I took action against those monthly symptoms. And for those of you who don’t have a diagnosis from the doctor, I urge you to stop waiting! There is so much within your power that you can do to help make your body well again.

And if you don’t take action? Then peri-menopause (the lead up to having no periods) can and often will hit you harder than if you are calm, in harmony and have lovely, regular periods.

It’s important that we listen to our bodies as well as ourselves. In some cultures period pain and PMS symptoms are a reminder that we need to look after ourselves a lot better.

Traditionally women are taught to put themselves last. Children, husband, parents, friends, family first and then us. Add in full time work which most women do these days and well, we become exhausted. We are not able to give of ourselves in the capacity that we would like to. But if we turn our priorities around and say “Me First” then we build ourselves up so we are overflowing with energy for everyone else. They still get us, and on a deeper, more nourishing level.

How do you implement something like this? When it comes to balancing hormones it’s also about balancing your life and that’s where we come in. Give us a call at Empowered Health for your complementary ten minute phone chat to one of our practitioners and discuss how to increase your #harmony and #calmness.

To get your going, here are my five steps;

Step 1. Sit down in a quiet space and list all the daily tasks you have to do. Then ask yourself if they are all necessary, they can be delegated or if they can be shared.

For Example, one of your tasks might be picking up and dropping off your children at sport. You might find another mum in your area that is happy to take your children one way, while you pick up yours and her children so that you’re not in the car all the time. (And this helps to save the environment too!)

Step 2.  Write a list of activities that bring you bliss and joy. You may not think that this is important, but it is!  Research shows that people who relax have better DHEA levels (this hormone is also affected during times of stress). Once you have an activity in mind, put it in your diary as an appointment. If someone calls up asking you to do something, then you can tell them you have an appointment and can’t do it at that time. If it’s an emergency ie. One of your children is sick, then you can reschedule your appointment.

Step 3. Learn to say no. The amazing author Cheryl Richardson has a famous quote “Saying No to Others, is saying Yes to Me”. Her book Exceptional Self-Care, explains other ways that self care is so important.

Step 4. Rebalance. People do this in many different ways. Sometimes you don’t know the best way for you until you give it a try. If it resonates, great! If it doesn’t, try something different. Some ideas include being or walking in nature, listening to a meditation CD or podcast, having a bath, sitting by the fireplace listening to the fire crackle or even seeing our own Jenny Leather, who helps to rebalance your energy if you need some extra help.

Step 5: Last, but certainly not least, Be kind to yourself. Remember that you are always doing the best that you can in any given time. Give yourself a pat on the back or tell yourself how amazing you are for everything that you do. You may even like to write down 3 great things about yourself every night before you go to bed. This helps you to focus on the things you like about yourself, and quieten your negative thoughts.

Want to know more? Why not join us for #HarmonyMonth2014. Bringing back more harmony into your life will help you to achieve better hormone health, peace, wellbeing and joy.

For more information about #HarmonyMonth2014 or for more information about rebalancing hormones naturally, call us for a free 10 min phone chat to find out more about how we can help you decrease or stop your hormonal symptoms and feel great all month.

Written by Emma Tippett

Emma Tippett is a practicing Naturopath at Empowered Health in Melbourne. Website: http://www.empoweredhealth.com.au/andre-strand-nee-hepner/


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