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How to Keep Your Kids Healthy over the Festive Season

How to Keep Your Kids Healthy over the Festive Season

How to Keep Your Kids Healthy over the Festive Season

Hooray…..the holidays are here and your children are sure to be filled with excitement and anticipation.  Some parents can be concerned on how to keep their kids healthy with the temptation of late nights, high sugar foods and the excitement of travel.  Here are few tips on what you can do to ensure your kids don’t fall in a heap.

Let your children catch up on Sleep

Kids are always tired by the end of school term and this is especially true before Christmas.  Allowing their bodies to catch up on rest will provide some significant health benefits.  Immune system building occurs mostly at night as does alot of physiological re-balancing.  Similar to updating your computer software it will allow your children to function, listen and play with more easily and within balance.  Encourage initial early nights and let them sleep in until they wake up of their own accord.

Get them into their body’s

Encourage outdoor play over screen time.  Remember, your kids have spent a significant portion of the school year focusing on objects directly in front of them.  Time outdoors will encourage better long-sightedness, boost their Vitamin D status and balance their brain activity.  It also supports more efficient digestion and lymphatic function.

Feed them Seasonal Superfoods

High sugar-based foods can be a problem so balance this out with nature’s goodies.

Freshly squeezed juices and home-made smoothies can be a good opportunity to enhance quick nutrients snacks and provide an array of essential vitamins and minerals. Home made energy balls with coconut, almond butter, cacao and spirulina with a little maple syrup added will provide your children with high quality nutrients that are easily taken up by the body.

Encourage Moderation

To help moderate the tendency of over indulgence at this time of year encourage your children to cultivate mindfulness around how these foods make their bodies feel.  Some children can tolerate more than others and it can be a great way to give them some power over their food choices also.  If you help them link feeling unwell with too many sweets and how this detracts from their play time they will learn to back off the sugary treats because play is way more fun than being sick. 

Unusual signs to look for that may indicate your children are struggling include:

- Disturbed sleep / sleep quality
- Reduced appetite
- Dark circles under the eyes
- Fears / anxieties

Allowing your children to rest up, play outside and eat natures super treats will provide some significant benefits to them but also for you as parents.   This will help keep them your kids in a healthy state over the festive season.

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