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Pyrroles – Could my biochemistry affect my mood?

Pyrroles – Could my biochemistry affect my mood?

Pyrroles - Could you biochemistry affect your moods?

Are you feeling stressed, depressed or have a low tolerance to physical and emotional stressors? If so, we may need to consider Pyrrole Disorder.

Dr. Carl Peiffer discovered that pyrroles are associated with changes in mood and that, by using nutrients, these symptoms may be turned around within 3 to 6 months.

Everyone has some pyrroles in their body. Pyrroles are chemical substances involved in the formation of the red pigmentation in our blood. Pyrroles tend to bind to Vit B6 and Zinc, thereby depleting these nutrients. A lack of Vit B6 and Zinc will allow for pyrroles to accumulate in the body. In these levels, pyrroles are a toxic substance and can lead to severe mental health disturbances.

Pyrroluria is most often a hereditary condition. If your parent or siblings have a mood disorder, you are quite likely to suffer too. Fortunately, if identified early enough, the deleterious effects of elevated pyrroles, also known as kryptopyrrole, or mauve factor (the mauve pigment in the urine), Malvaria and HPL can be managed with specific nutrient modification.

Some of the symptoms of Pyluria can include:

Increased Stress, Anxiety and Depression
Being sensitive to light
Having abnormal fat distribution
Experiencing cold hands and feet

The following Questionnaire may outline if you need to investigate further. If you have ticked more than 10 of the following questions, it is advisable to do the Mauve Test, a simple do it yourself urine test. Please ask us how.

Pyrrole Questionnaire

Did you sunburn easily when you were young?
Do you have poor dream recall?
Feel anxious?
Do you grey prematurely?
Difficulty in remembering things?
Depressed and stressed?
Get headaches often?
Sensitive to light?
prone to acne, eczema, or psoriasis?
Are there white spots/specks on your fingernails, or do you have opaquely or paper thin nails?
Prefer vegetarian? Dislike animal protein?
Did you reach puberty later than normal?
Do you have stretch marks on your skin?
Do you have any upper abdominal pain?
Have you noticed a sweet smell or fruity odour on your breath or sweat when ill or stressed?
Do you have a poor sense of smell or taste?
Have cold hands and feet?
Feel uncomfortable with strangers?
Does a little alcohol or tranquilisers affect you?
Do you get easily upset?
Are you dependant on others?
Do you have pain?
Are seizures and schizophrenia in the family?
Do you have lots of anger?
Do you have white marks on your nails?
Do you remember your dreams?
Do you have a fruity odour on your breath?
Do you have mental delusions or paranoid?

How do I test for Pyrolles?

Testing for pyrolles is a simple urine test. To find out more, give us a call.

What can be done if I have a high Pyrrole result?

Dr Carl Pfeiffer has presented many publications to show that supplementation with very specific and biologically active natural nutrients can treat this condition. Treatment with activated forms of Vit B6, Zinc and Manganese together with Biotin and omega 6 oils have been shown to be beneficial. Symptoms of pyroluria can be alleviated, sometimes within days.

Total recovery can take from 3 months to 6 months. The biochemical imbalance and symptoms will usually recur within 1 to 2 weeks if the nutritional program is stopped ( Pfeiffer, 1974)

Vanita Dahia is a pharmacist and naturopath who has been in the health industry for over 30 years. She has extensive experience in this area. For more information or to chat to Vanita to see if this treatment is right for you, call and book in for a 5 minute free phone chat to see how we can help. Call 1300 21 44 25


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