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Living The Life You Want

Living The Life You Want

Creating the life you want to live.

For many years, I was unhappy. I was living my life to the fullest I knew how, but it still wasn't what I wanted it to be. I had traveled to the UK & done the big OS  thing, but coming back, I moved from "Big L" (London) to "Little L" (Lismore NSW) to study naturopathy. (I do love Lismore BTW - it was just such a huge change!)

I missed my friends back in London & it was a huge adjustment, from feeling free to studying 10 hours a day. My thoughts were that "life will get better when I finish studying". It didn't. Don't get me wrong, life wasn't bad, but I just kept going around in circles making  similar mistakes & not being who I truly wanted.

I was gripped by fear - Fear of not finding "the one", Fear of money & Fear of not being a good enough naturopath. Fear. Fear. Fear.  And then it all came to a head when I ended up with anxiety because I had so much fear in my life.

Fear consumed my life. "In my head there were questions like  "Had I left the iron on?" I would have anxiety until I got home to check & no, I hadn't left it on.  "Had I said the wrong thing to someone?" Again, I would have anxiety until I saw them again & no, I hadn't said anything wrong.

Anxiety allowed me to reevaluate my thoughts & life.  I took 8 weeks off work that year & worked on 'me'. I grew in confidence & with the help of herbal & nutritional medicine as well as changing my mindset, I am now 95 -98% anxiety- free. And I think it is a miracle I can even write that.

What changed wasn't my situation, but my thoughts (although my situation did change dramatically after my thoughts did) . I realised that I did have a choice in many of my situations. One of my thoughts used to be "Anything worth doing is  difficult because that's where you grow as a person the most". I really re-evaluated that thought. Today, life is  easier. I still get to learn lessons about myself  & grow as a person. It just happens in a much gentler way, but has the same impact. No longer do I think that life needs to be 'difficult'.

I grew in strength of mind & decided to only go after things that I wanted in my life. I also decided that I had to do some things differently. This was scary! There was such as unknown in doing things differently, but I knew what would happen if I did them the same. I would get the same result. It was time to take a leap of faith & do things differently, the way that I needed to do them to stay true to myself.  Pretty soon after changing my mindset I started a new business & shortly after that met my  husband. 

It's now about actioning change in  ways that serves me well. Serving me well is also about serving my values & principles. And life just continues to get better & better. I don't fret & worry about what I don't have anymore. I have much gratitude for what I do have and for the lessons I am learning in getting the things that I want. 

Doing things differently is a courageous step. If I can do it, you can too. It's scary, but absolutely possible. Doing things differently can help us to  listen to our inner truth & align us with who we truly are. 

One of these changes has been to expand my clinic. I have now moved into the premises next door & I have brought on a  business partner. Vanita Dahia is a naturopath & compounding pharmacist. This means we will be able to start making many of our own formula's specifically for you individually. It will also allow me to expand into new area's & write the book I have been promising for a few years now!

I would like to thank Fiona Chin who inspired me to share my story when I saw her speak recently. She shares my favorite quote.

"Be the Change you want to see in the world".
-Mahatma Gandhi

If there are area's in your life that you're not happy with, take a look at the thoughts that are playing in your mind.  Anxiety helped me to see that I needed to change my direction. And, although it was the most difficult thing I have ever gone through, it was also the most important, because I  now get to live the life I have imagined for myself.

If you are struggling with anxiety, feeling down or not feeling like your self, then please reach out to someone. Naturopathy can help to support your body while working with a counsellor, friend or psychologist to work on how to change things for the better.

This post is from Andrea Strand, a practicing Naturopath at Empowered Health. To find out how we can help you, call for a free, no obligation 5 minute phone briefing or call to book an appointment and say hello to good health!


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