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Understanding the Mind, Body and Soul Connection

Understanding the Mind, Body and Soul Connection

The Mind-Body-Soul connection which supports “The Game of Life”, is subtly entwined. We are born to experience different facets of life that enable us to make choices of how we want to experience our daily life.

Sometimes these experiences feel fantastic and other times it can be extremely challenging. Neither is good or bad, in truth I have learned over the years they both come with amazing learning opportunities’.

The mind has thoughts that trigger an emotional reaction that has the body feeling either good or bad. The soul communicates to us through our emotions; if we experience good feelings ( i.e. happiness, joy) our vibration starts to rise and supports us to create the life we desire. If the event or situation evokes negative emotion (i.e. fear, anger) our vibration decreases and we can find ourselves telling a story, through our thoughts blaming another person or justifying why we feel the way we do.

This is a game humans have played for 1000s 0f years. The problem is today the majority of people are not living a life that they truly desire and they do not know how to consciously turn experience’s around.

How many people are really “Living the life”, doing a job that they love and having loving joyous relationships? Over the last 2 years I have noticed the level of stress in society greatly increasing. Obviously something needs to change. Someone once mentioned the definition of insanity was thinking if we keep doing the same action day after day and expecting a different outcome we must be mad.

So what can you do different?

First, notice that the common denominator in all challenges of your life is YOU.

You are the captain of your BODY. You have the power to change and turn your life around by learning how to manage your MIND. It starts by taking responsibility for where you are at and deciding and committing to change.

The SOUL will support you by providing emotions that hold a gift of healing and learning.

My clients say “WOW” how can I do that?

My suggestion is always start by being gentle on you! This means talk to your self nicely. Accept that you have always done the best you can with the knowledge that you have had in any moment. Learn where you have been giving your power away and why.

For most people they allow their mind/thoughts to run their lives, they are controlled by the past and fearful of the future. This type of thinking actually steals your energy and stops you from taking action in the now.

I enjoy listening to my client’s stories so I can hear where they give their power to other people or situations. Then we can discuss new strategies to support them to reclaim their power.

I have found that it is very hard to fix something that you do not even know needs some adjustment. When we uncover old patterns I enjoy using my John of God “crystal light healing bed” to support the shift of the energetic blockages, to allow change with ease and grace.

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