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Second Is Sometimes Best

Second Is Sometimes Best

Second Is Sometimes Best

You would think when there’s a fun run held to celebrate Mothers Day that there would be no better way to make your mum proud as a young, star athlete then winning the race for her.

Entering the finishing straight, two runners raced neck and neck. The finishing line was in sight and the stronger runner subtly slowed his pace, letting the other win the race. Why would he do this? Because he had a bigger goal in mind. The second place prize is what he was aiming for. Instead of winning cash for himself to spend, he proudly presented the second place prize to his mother. At first surprised, she opened the envelope and a smile spread across her face. She held a voucher for two people to spend a weekend at a luxury Bed and Breakfast in her hands. His mother couldn’t be more honored; not just for the amazing Mothers Day gift but for her son’s understanding that some things are more important than winning.

Mother's Day is just around the corner and hopefully you've got plans to spoil and appreciate your mum. As a son, son-in-law, husband or brother, exceeding your mum’s expectations on this one day does not make up for all the things your mum doeson the other 364 days of the year. But showing you care in the right way on Mother's Day certainly can't hurt.

What’s the best way I show my mum I care on Mothers Day? I’ve always tried to be a practical giver by choosing gifts my Mum really needed and would get a lot of use out of. But there are only so many slippers, mugs and dressing gowns one mum can have! Now that I am a bit older (and hopefully wiser) I’ve come to realize that giving an experience lasts forever and doesn’t add to the clutter!

I’ve found experiences that promote health, relaxation and vitality are not only loved by my mum while she is having them but have lasting, positive effects. Taking time out to look after yourself often gets pushed aside by mums when the needs of the family, work and other commitments take priority. This is when stress, a decline in energy and feeling run down can take over. As a massage therapist I’ve come to realize this is so important for everyone. Here are my top three gift ideas for your mum this Mothers Day:

A whole body cleanse (inside and out)at a beauty salon may be the thing that not only gives your Mum a chance to relax and unwind, but give her back the energy and enthusiasm to keep doing all those wonderful things that make her so special.

Try taking a drive to the beach or the country side for a relaxing picnic or lunch. Just by being away from the hustle and bustle can give you time to catch up on all the things that are going on in your life. It’s so easy to lose touch and this is a lovely time to connect with each other. Being out in nature can also be a cleansing experience, taking in the fresh air and the beauty of the surrounds.

Or combine the two in one with a relaxation or therapeutic massage. Using gentle strokes to help your mum find her bliss, these massages consist of specific techniques such as myofascial release which stretches and lengthens the tissue bringing wellness and relaxation to your body. Lymphatic drainage cleanses the body of built up toxins to improve health and reduce inflammation. And effleurage, long flowing strokes to relieve muscle tension and improve circulation. This type of massage will help relieve you of stress and pain as well as it can work on a specific problem.

Mothers Day is a great way to say thank you and show how much you appreciate all the things your Mum does and has done for you. So how about this Mothers Day you give your Mum the chance to relax, rejuvenate and have an experience of empowering health and vitality that will have a positive lasting impact on her life.

Unfortunately we don’t all have the athletic ability to be able to choose where we finish in a race, but we can show how much we care by putting the health and wellbeing of someone so special ahead of ourselves. Back pain, stress and fatigue affect so many but can be relieved through the appropriate style of massage.

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Andrew White
Massage Therapist

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