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Lilley TeoTeo

Lilley TeoTeo

Remedial and Relaxation Massage Therapist

Lilley is a caring and compassionate massage therapist who has had over 15 years experience in this field. Lilley specialises in relaxation and therapeutic massage as well as sports and remedial massage in the treatment of various musculoskeletal pathologies.

Lilley’s treatments aim to target the source of the bodies pain via eliminating tension from muscles, increasing flexibility and providing relaxation to the affected areas as well as the body as a whole. It also promotes circulation which increases nutrients and oxygen to the damaged tissues.

Regular treatments are beneficial for increasing oxygen in the blood, decreasing muscle toxins, improving circulation and flexibility while easing muscle tension. It can also increase the number of lymphocytes, (white blood cells) that are part of the immune system which will help to support optimal immune function.

Unobstructed bloodflow and lymphatic drainage both help keep the body in good working order and are considered essential in maintaining the bodies defences against illness and disease.

If appropriate Lilley can also help to aid your digestive function by incorporating abdominal massage as a part of the treatment This may assist the body by:

* increasing blood flow within the abdomen to increase oxygen to the organs.
* relaxes tension in the muscles surrounding the colon.
* helps dislodge faecal matter from intestinal walls
* stimulates the bodies natural detoxification process.
* And releases emotional tension.

Lilley understands that every day stresses in life are unavoidable and aims to work with each client to suit their individual needs and apply treatments to their desired pressure.

Lilley uses a holistic approach to full body massage leaving you feeling refreshed and re-vitalised.

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