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Preparation For Pregnancy, just like preparing for Christmas!

Preparation For Pregnancy, just like preparing for Christmas!

Preparation For Pregnancy, just like preparing for Christmas!

We spend a lot of our lives anticipating and preparing for major events such as Christmas, buying a house or starting a new job. And while for some there is a lot of anticipation for that time of their life when they fall pregnant, sometimes we don’t prepare the body as well as we could.

Firstly, why prepare at all?

Imagine a Christmas you didn’t prepare for at all. Imagine trying to organise the location, food and even who’s coming at what time all on the day! With a little bit of preparation, the day runs potentially a lot smoother. Just like with pregnancy; ensuring you have a healthy, nutritive environment for your little baby to grow can help with an easy, healthy pregnancy. Not only this, preconception care can help increase your chances of conception and has been linked with better rates of conception in IVF. It has also been linked with better health outcomes in infants and in more recent research the health of adults in later life. Ensuring you have all the right nutrients and building blocks to create quality eggs and a healthy fertile environment in the body can help with some forms of infertility found in couples.

How do we prepare for conception?

Preconception care is the cornerstone of natural fertility which means giving your body a healthy, clean fertility diet and lifestyle for a period of time. This ensures your body has a break from the burden of environmental and food toxins and that it’s metabolic and biochemical processes can work at the best of their ability. As a result all the hormonal processes in your body will be working to the best of their ability and of course all fertility processes too. Preconception care is best started 3 months before trying to conceive as it takes a minimum of 3 months for the body to regenerate cells. However if time is a factor in your road to pregnancy speak to your naturopath about the options available to you.

Top 5 preconception care tips
1. Eat mainly whole foods. Wholefoods means foods that haven't been processed, the less tampered with the better. So choose whole grains such as brown rice, quinoa, millet, barley, legumes such as lentils, cannellini beans, and kidney beans and a variety of fruits and vegetables.

2. Try to avoid as many processed foods as possible, such as ham, commercial mince patties, sausages, biscuits, chips, cake, soft drinks and lollies.

3. Cut out sugar. This may be a controversial one, but one that I find in practise to help immensely. There are a variety of reasons why sugar negatively impacts on fertility from insulin sensitivity to quality of cervical mucous. Luckily in a lot of cases all you need to do to correct these things is to eliminate it from the diet for a period of time.

4. Drink filtered water. Although our water stores here in Melbourne are safe to drink, for our sensitive endocrine systems, even mild pollutants can impact on a woman's hormone balance and reduce the ability to conceive.

5. Never drink from plastic bottles! Especially a reused one! The plastics that make the majority of plastic water bottles in Australia are made from chemicals that mimic estrogens. These estrogens can cause all kinds of disruptions to the hormonal system if consumed frequently.

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