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Ear Reflexology

Ear Reflexology

Father’s Day is coming! Does your kind father have any problem with his digestion or sleep? Or he probably wants to lose his fat stomach. Acupuncture is a good idea, but if he is uncomfortable with needles, is there anything else can help?

Why not try Ear Reflexology? It is one of the useful treatments in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

What is Ear Reflexology?

TCM believes all parts of our bodies can be contained in each ear as well as foot reflexology. From brain to feet, from heart to liver, every organ and some joints have their own ear reflection zones. Pressing ear reflection zones can unblock Qi, making it move more smoothly. To these people who may scare about acupuncture, ear acupress is much easy to be accepted, even children can be treated by ear acupress.

What kind of disease can Ear Reflexology treat?

Although we believe Ear Reflexology may help most of internal disease, there are some particular disease are widely treated by it in China. Some nervous disorders like stress and sleeplessness may feel the benefits from it. Ear acupress is also very popular in weight loss treatments. Clinical research shows persisting press correct ear acupoints can inhibit the excessive appetite. On the contrary, to those clients who loss their appetite, pressing ear acupoints can also boost it. As a result, Ear Reflexology is seen to be a dual regulation in indigestion. In addition, it is used to a variety of conditions, such as headache, arrhythmia, constipation or balancing hormones, etc.

How to do Ear Reflexology?

Although Ear Reflexology can potentially be done yourself, it is recommended that TCM practitioner apply this service for best results. You follow these steps;

Step 1: During the consultation, clients are encouraged to give more information about their health to me, whatever is directly relevant symptoms or not. Collect more information can help practitioner choose much more points.

Step 2: Clean hands and warm up. Before doing ear massage or ear acupressing, I usually will make hands warm in advance. TCM thinks colds may block the Qi, but warm thing can help move the Qi.

Step 3: Start with gentle ear massage. Using index finger and thumb, I will gently rub and press your whole ear. During the massage, you can find which part of your ear feels not well, and it may shows your internal disorders.

Step 4: To the area where you feel uncomfortable during the whole ear massage, I will press it 9 times and hold for 2 seconds each time. The pressure can be harder than before depending on your own feeling,

Step 5: Find the ear acupoints related to your problem. For example, I may choose ShenMen to treat sleeplessness, or stomach point to treat stomachache. To gain the optimal effects, I suggest you press them twice daily, once in the morning and once in the evening, and it is extremely relaxing.

For a professional Ear Reflexology session, I may help you and give you good suggestion on choosing proper ear points. Please make an appointment with me by calling 1300 214 425, or send an email to jessie.zhu@empoweredhealth.com.au.

Jessie Zhu, Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor



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