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The Spice Of Life – Turmeric

The Spice Of Life – Turmeric

Turmeric is the super-ingredient that is available in almost every kitchen. Little do people know that it is a wonder product that can be used to treat and prevent a number of health disorders. Imagine reaching across the shelf and finding the cure to your ailment right there. How does turmeric act as a wonder drug and what are its potential uses? You’re going to find all about it in the following article. Read on!

How does it work?

The active component of turmeric is Curcumin which has been used for centuries in traditional medicine owing to its medicinal properties. Curcumin is known to prevent inflammation by inactivating the inflammatory markers in the body. Additionally, it acts as a nutrient and aids the digestive system. By inhibiting the release of histamine, Curcumin can help boost immunity. This function is also known to be protective to the brain.

By enhancing  pancreatic function, Curcumin helps to regulate blood sugar balance within the body. It is also known to protect the cells against free radical  damage, thereby promoting the cell growth. By virtue of its anti-oxidant properties, Curcumin is known to prevent unchecked cellular proliferation and thereby may help to prevent cancers. This anti-oxidant function also helps in preventing the build-up of LDLs (bad cholesterol) in the body.

Benefits of turmeric

Turmeric is used in the treatment of a vast variety of health disorders including*:
-Eye disorders (for example, uveitis and cataract)
-Different sorts of cancers including colorectal carcinoma, cervical cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer and different lymphomas and leukemias.
-AIDS, due to its anti-viral properties
-Inflammatory diseases like colitis, ileitis, arthritis etc.

It is also known for:
-Improving mental capacity
-Boosting immunity
-Better blood sugar regulation control
-Muscle regeneration, enhancing the muscular functions
-Destruction of disease causing bacteria in gut like E.Coli and better growth of gut-friendly bacteria (pro-biotic)
-Prevention of inflammatory gut diseases
-Promotes healing
-Analgesic properties help reduce pain
-Promotes general health and wellbeing

How to use it?

It can be utilized effectively in the form of tea (also known as Golden Milk). One of the easy-to-make recipes of turmeric tea is as under:
-1 cup warmed nut milk (cashew, almond)
-1 teaspoon ground turmeric in 1 tablespoon of hot water
-1 tablespoon sesame seeds or 1 teaspoon tahini
-1 teaspoon raw honey
-A sprinkle of black pepper, cardamom or cinnamon ( optional)

Blend all ingredients in a high speed blender until smooth. Drinking it in the morning can prove to be a refreshing start of the day.


Add 1 teaspoonful of turmeric in a half cup of warmed nut milk and sip slowly.

In addition to being a cost-effective means of treating various conditions, turmeric is also readily available at home. Mostly, it is available in powder form to be used readily when the need arises.

Vanita Dahia, Naturopath and Pharmacist has over 30 years experience in the healthcare industry. She loves using simple measures in her treatment plans for people to help aid in their recovery of illness. To book an appointment with Vanita, call 1300 21 44 25.

*Disclaimer: Please know that the results are a typical and may vary from person to person

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