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What happens when you can’t juggle all the balls?

What happens when you can’t juggle all the balls?

Check out what happened when Andrea realised she couldn’t!

From Andrea....
What an amazing ride this has been….

Building up my dream business – one which helps people and can enhance their life, has been a most incredible experience. I love every minute of it.
When we found out I was pregnant it was the best news in the world. From a work perspective I, along with our staff, set out to ensure the business ran smoothly and seamlessly without me.

With the help of everyone, we forged ahead, with a rather definite time limit in mind!

By the time I reached maternity leave, I had done all that I could. I had ticked all the boxes and it was time to let the processes that had been put in place, a chance to grow on their own. When my son was a couple of weeks old, my work life threw a twist in. Even though I had the most amazing staff and contractors around me, I realised, with this twist, I just couldn’t juggle all of the balls.

And it’s OK if you can’t juggle all the balls.

Some people can and I think they are wonderful. I just knew that if I kept things going the way they were, my health and family would have suffered. I had to fit my own oxygen mask first. And I had to practise what I preach in my consultations!

Vanita and I had to make some decisions as to keep the business or change things around. At first, I thought I could do it all, but after a week it was obvious to me that I couldn’t run the business the way it needed to be run without compromising my health, husband and son.

So we have had some major shifts at Empowered Health.

Emma Tippett is my new co – Director of Empowered Health. Emma has been a naturopathic practitioner for 10 years and brings all things “digestive” to the table! If you have any tummy troubles, she’s your gal!

Vanita is still with us practising every Tuesday as she would miss us too much and we would miss her! ;-)

And I, after much sleep (a huge shout out to Jade at Baby Sleep Consultant – I can’t recommend her highly enough if you are a mum struggling to get sleep), I am now practising every second Saturday and working behind the scenes.

We are still sorting a few things out but we thank you for your loyality, patience and understanding. I am so grateful for all of our customers. It is because of you that we can do what we do.

I’d also like to thank all of the Empowered Health staff & contractors, past and present. Because you all kept things going when I couldn’t juggle all the balls.
So this blog is a huge thank you to everyone!

Emma and I are excited about moving forward. We thank you for your customer loyality and we look forward to seeing you soon!
- Andrea

Written by Emma Tippett

Emma Tippett is a practicing Naturopath at Empowered Health in Melbourne. Website: http://www.empoweredhealth.com.au/andre-strand-nee-hepner/


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