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Get to know our Massage therapist Lilley

Get to know our Massage therapist Lilley

Why did you decided to become a massage therapist?

I decided to become a massage therapist in 2003, starting off with Swedish relaxation massage. I have had a diverse group of clients attending the clinic, all with the same goal in mind, and that is to feel refreshed, and revitalised.

I get great satisfaction in my work in being able to deliver that. I believe that massage therapy is an important treatment in alleviating every day stresses which can cause headaches, muscle and joint aches and strains, tiredness and fatigue, as well as other symptoms such as digestive problems, and insomnia.

The gift of healing touch also plays a part in emotional healing, which I have witnessed with my clients.

In your experience, what health conditions benefit most from massage therapy?

In my experience, clients who have presented with Anxiety and depression, rheumatoid and osteoarthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, high blood pressure, plantar fasciitis, and sciatica have benefitted with regular massage therapy.

Massage techniques that comprise of long rhymical strokes, kneading, and soft tissue manipulation releases the body's endorphins, which produce a euphoric response which aids the body's ability to heal and restore itself.

Every day stresses can cause symptoms such as headaches, neck and shoulder pain, lower back and hip pain, and massage therapy assist in the prevention and treatment of pain by improving circulation, joint mobility and muscle elasticity.

I have also treated cancer patients, to provide relief from body aches as well as the emotional impact their illness has on them and their family. Their families find relief knowing that their loved is being taken care of and is made to feel as comfortable as possible.

Besides your work what other interests do you have?

Apart from massage therapy, I have also taught children's and adult's Martial arts classes and women's self defence. The aim of these classes is to improve fitness and well being as well as confidence, with a goal orientated syllabus structure.

I had had many students who have endured bullying, and other assaults, and we teach our students how to overcome bullying by empowering them on how to use their words, as well as self defences techniques if they are confronted with multiple attackers.

I am also a Christian motivation speaker Crossroads 2421 church in Officer. We do a lot of outreach programs, with soup kitchens, blanket ministry for the homeless, as well as helping induvial or families in need.

Tell us one fun fact about your life

One fun fact about my life is, I have 2 absolutely adorable cats called Tiffany and Nari, who have my whole family wrapped around their little claw. Tiffany, I hand reared as a 3 week old kitten who along with her two brothers were found abandoned.

I was fortunate to find loving homes for her two brothers, and we were blessed to have Tiffany birth a litter of Kittens which we kept Nari. Again the rest of the kittens were adopted into loving families.

Lilley is a caring and compassionate massage therapist who has had over 15 years experience in this field. Lilley specialises in relaxation and therapeutic massage as well as sports and remedial massage in the treatment of various musculoskeletal pathologies.

Written by Emma Tippett

Emma Tippett is a practicing Naturopath at Empowered Health in Melbourne. Website: http://www.empoweredhealth.com.au/andre-strand-nee-hepner/


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