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The Gut-Immune Connection

The Gut-Immune Connection

Approximately 70% of your immune system is within your digestive system. It's called GALT & MALT. Why do we need such immunity in our gut? Because this is where all of the foreign matter (food) is going. Our body needs to regulate if the stuff going into our mouths is in actual fact food or whether it's a foreign invader or foreign object.

So what symptoms may we experience if our digestive systems are compromised?

  • Bloating after meals

  • Diahoea or constipation for no apparent reason

  • Nausea after eating.

  • Rashes, eczema, asthma, sinusitis after eating certain foods ( your naturopath can help you establish what foods).

  • Stools (poo) might be slimy (mucous)

If you're experiencing any of these symptoms, then seeing a naturopath is a great idea.

Dysbiosis, commonly known as leaky gut syndrome means that there is an imbalance in your digestive system. You gut has a symphony of good & bad gut flora all that need to be in balance to make your digestive system work properly.

Good gut flora improve your immune system, whereas bad gut flora secrete toxins. Taking probiotics won't necessarily help your digestive system in the long term because often we have to get rid of the bad stuff first before putting in the good gut bacteria. We also use herbs & nutrients to help decrease inflammation in the bowel. Mucous may be a sign of inflammation in the bowel, so it's really important that we heal  the gut wall as well.

Dysbiosis won't necessarily show up in a colonoscopy, so if you've had one & they've given you the all clear, that's great to rule out any major nasties, the next step I suggest is to your naturopath. We'll work on healing your gut, easing your symptoms & improving your immunity overall.

If your digestive system is severely compromised, it can start to compromise your immune system in other area's as well. If you're starting to get colds & flu's alot, along with your digestive symptoms, this can happen because of 2 reasons.

  • 1) you may not be absorping your nutrients as well as you could be. Your immune system relies heavily on nutrients to make it work properly. If you can't absorb the nutrients, it can leave you open to getting colds & flu's easily.

  • 2) If the immunity in your gut is in overdrive, trying to "flight" those foreign invaders all the time, the rest of your immune system can become compromised, thus leaving you open to getting colds & flu's easily.

What you want to do with your naturopath is

  • A) Heal the gut

  • B) Work out with your naturopath any food intolerances that you may have, if you don't know what they are already.

  • C) Boost the nutrients that your immune system needs so that you hit the ground running once you are well.

Have any questions about this process? Call us on 1300 21 44 25 to find out how we can help you further heal your gut & help build your immune system.

This post is from Andrea Strand, a practicing Naturopath at Empowered Health. To find out how we can help you, call for a free, no obligation 5 minute phone briefing or call to book an appointment and say hello to good health!


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