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The Immune System and Pregnancy

The Immune System and Pregnancy

One of the many things I get asked by my clients is “What can I do when I get sick whilst pregnant?”

Luckily, there are natural cold and flu remedies that can ease your symptoms and are safe for your baby but before we get into that, let's talk ingredients! Iron, vitamin A, zinc, vitamin C and vitamin D are all crucial to having a strong immune system so make sure you are getting your daily dose of these. It's so important you source these vitamins and minerals from fresh wholefoods such as pumpkin, sweet potato, dark green leafy vegetables like spinach, broccoli, deep sea fish, pumpkin seeds, lean red meats such as kangaroo, lean beef, lean lamb and venison.

As far as remedies you can take without hurting your unborn baby go, my favourite is hot, organic chicken soup. Yum! Use garlic, onions, shiitake mushrooms and a small sprig of thyme to create a naturally anti-bacterial and throat-soothing soup.
One of the other great things you can do to help sooth your symptoms is have a raw honey drink. Find a cold extracted raw honey or manuka honey and add a teaspoon to hot water along with a cup of lemon juice. Naturally high in vitamin c and immune-stimulating, you’ll feel better before you know it!

Did you know if you hold warm heat packs to your sinuses and neck area while gently massaging the area you can loosen up mucus and relieve that stuffy feeling? It also helps the mucus flow, getting rid of any nasties sooner.

And lastly (the thing we all secretly hope to hear!) rest, relax and get plenty of sleep! If this means you spend all day in bed, so be it! Sometimes a day or two doing completely nothing will be more valuable to your family and employer than trying to work through it!


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