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Power of Letting Go of Judgement

Power of Letting Go of Judgement

Power of Letting Go of Judgement

Letting go of Judgement will give you peace of mind and set you free!

I reviewed how I felt when I came across an opinion that I knew was wrong from my perspective.  I justified why I felt the way I did and I recognised that I was getting pulled back into my old stories and belief systems. I wanted to make another wrong so I could be right.

Why? Let’s explore!

When you start to understand there is no right or wrong, then there is just an opportunity to see what you do or don’t want to experience. Does it really matter if someone says something is purple and you know it is orange?

The point is, we never know what has happened for another person that has them thinking the way they do or what they need to experience to reclaim their power in life.

Yet for me, it seemed to be an automatic response when I saw something I didn’t like. I quick to jump to a thought about what should or shouldn’t be happening. The gift is really in being able to acknowledge how this situation has you feeling in the moment.

You can only feel emotions that you hold within.

From a non-judgemental perspective you can now start to explore what this situation is really attached too.  Why does this worry you so much? And ask yourself, “Why am I attaching so much importance to it?”

If the emotion that is evoked has a negative feeling, the experience is showing you that you are looking at something that is vibrationally out of alignment with what you really want. Wow what a gift!

Now your job is to adjust the vibration that you are emitting by focusing your thoughts in a way that matches the vibration of what you desire.

Here are 7 easy steps that can help you let go of Judgement and set your mind free:

1. Stop, acknowledge how you are feeling E.g. angry
2. Be grateful because this emotion is just helping you to remember what it is you really want to experience...
3. Remember what you desired and how you would be feeling if that had already been shown in your physical reality. E.g. Enthusiastic
4. Choose to release the anger. Depending on the level you may need to go for a run, hit a pillow and yell and scream about how and what you are feeling. In other words get it out of the body.
5. Consciously choose a thought that brings you some relief emotionally.
6. Choose more feelings that are more positive until you are in the vicinity and vibrational alignment with feeling enthusiastic.
7. Congratulate yourself; you are back flowing towards your desire.

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