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Heal your Lower Back Pain with Acupuncture

Heal your Lower Back Pain with Acupuncture

Have you ever suffered from Lower Back Pain? I have and I believe it was a truly awful experience which is why I chose to specialize in pain management!

In Australia around 80% of people experience lower back pain at least once, most of which had to have time off work or education to recover from it. Acute lower back pain usually happens suddenly and is localized to your lower back. The reasons may vary and can be radiation from any part of back such as your spine, muscles, discs, bones and nerves.

Major Reasons For Lower Back Pain

  • Muscle fatigue, such as sitting or standing too long

  • Poor posture, such as lying in the couch reading or watching TV

  • Sport injury or overuse, any weight-bearing sport and strength-type exercise such as lifting, boxing, jumping or Karate

  • Spine disease, such as Lumbar disc herniation

  • Aging, Arthritis and Pregnancy are probably the other reasons that may cause Lower Back Pain

How can Acupuncture help?

Acupuncture is widely used to treat lower back pain. Studies have shown that acupuncture can help relieve lower back pain and back stiffness. I have treated many cases of lower back pain and from this experience I have created this treatment plan*.

Stage I: Day 1

Research shows that using acupuncture on the first day of your Acute Lower Back Pain may help you recover much faster. During this stage you may find yourself in quite extreme pain which may seriously limit your movement, your ability to stand and your ability to bend or twist your waist. Sometimes you may experience swelling of your lower back along with these symptoms.

With so many different treatment options out there, in my treatment plan I have chosen several particular acupoints specifically for Lower back pain. You may be very surprised that I not only choose the acupoints in the lower back, but also uses the acupoints in the hand! There are some special points in the hands like YaoTong, HeGu that may relieve pain.

Stage II: Day 2 - 7

In this stage, patients may still feel very uncomfortable with their lower back. The muscles in their legs and hip may also be very sore or stiff because they support your whole body when your back is hurt, which makes the muscles overused.

I recommend 2 or 3 treatments in this stage using a mix of acupuncture and cupping or gentle massage. The acupoints will be added to treat lower back, legs and hip, such as HuanTiao, ShenShu, YaoYangGuan and WeiZhong. Cupping may increase blood flow to relax the muscles in your body. This stage of treatment is very important as it may determine how long it is until you are fit to go back to work.

Stage III: Prevention

Lower back pain may recur, even if you think you have already completely recovered. It may become chronic pain if it happens easily. As a result, you need to continue your treatment to avoid it. Soothing massage and acupressure may be good choices for you. I have collected some useful tips to enhance the muscles strength as well as relieve muscles tension.

Since everyone is different, Traditional Chinese Medicine emphasizes individual treatments to gain optimal results. When you are treated, you may also have your tongue and pulse checked for a more thorough treatment*.

If you think you are suffering from lower back pain, please call 1300214425 to make an appointment with Jessie.

*Disclaimer: Please know that the results are a typical and may vary from person to person

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