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Acute Pain or Chronic Pain? A Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner May Help!

Acute Pain or Chronic Pain? A Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner May Help!

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), it is believed that pain is caused by blocked Qi or lack of nutrients. Acute pain is usually caused by blocked Qi. In this case symptoms such as an injury, cold, or infection are present. Chronic pain may be caused by a lack of nutrients. Symptoms for this include stomachache, abdominal pain or headache.

TCM can be used to treat blocked Qi as it may channel it out of body.  When dealing with lack of nutrients, nourishing the body may be a better treatment option. Read on to find out about the main tools which Jessie uses to help with pain management.


It is considered that acupuncture can successfully relieve both acute pain and chronic pain. Research shows that acupuncture is one of the most useful supplementary therapies to treat pain. It is widely used to treat both acute pain and chronic pain, like neck and shoulder pain, headache, lower back pain, cancer pain and the pain of unknown reasons.

Following the meridians, different acupoints are chosen to unblock Qi which is usually located in the pain area. Furthermore, this promotes the energy of your body to relieve the fatigue from pain.

Herb Packs

Herbal medicine packs are a useful tool that have been used for thousands of years. These can be used by all ages. In China, it is very common that every family has at least one herb pack. It may be put on child’s tummy to relieve stomach ache because of eating too much, and it can also be used to reduce women’s period pain*.

For more information about herbal packs, please call the clinic on 1300 21 44 25 and ask to speak to Jessie.


If you are looking for a way to relax back muscles, cupping is a good choice*. To treat whole back pain and sore, using moving cupping will be better, because with the therapy oil, cups can be slid from neck to lower back. The treatment area of moving cupping is bigger than that of normal cupping, as a result, which is always used to relaxation. Compared to moving cupping, normal sucked cupping is good at removing wind and cold in our body*. Therefore, normal cupping is widely used to treat frozen shoulder.


GuaSha is another mysterious but useful treatment in TCM. Doing GuaSha should follow the meridians where the pain points locate. Both acute pain and chronic pain can be treated by GuaSha.

Chinese Medicine

In China or East Asian, Chinese medicine is very popular. In ancient times, TCM doctors treated all kinds of disease using herbs, and thousands of useful formulas were left and recorded. There are hundreds of formulas tending to treat different pains, some of which are made into tablets now. TCM believes that patient should be treated individually, because everyone is an individual.

Above was just a short introduction on some useful tools of TCM, which can help to relieve pain. If you are suffering from any form of pain and looking for a practitioner that may be able to help you, please call 1300214425 to chat with us or make an appointment with me.

Jessie Zhu has had 15 years experience in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. She grew up and studied in Shanghai. In 2012 she was awarded the prestigious National Traditional Chinese Medicine award in Shanghai. She has worked in hospitals as well as private practice and has a keen interest in helping people to get pain relief as well as supporting them through headaches, hormonal imbalances and hayfever. For a free 10 minute phone briefing or to book an appointment with Jessie, please call 1300 21 44 25.

*Disclaimer: Please know that the results are a typical and may vary from person to person

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