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Remedial Massage Therapy

Remedial Massage Therapy

An unhealthy posture may be an unhealthy you

Are you suffering from neck and shoulder pain? Perhaps lower back pain?
Or are you feeling unhappy and fatigued?

Do you really know how much your posture may be affecting your health?

The human body is about finding a balance so we can effectively carry our own body weight, making sure our vital organs work properly and stops us from toppling over.

How, you may ask?

Posture, in a physiological aspect, is the relationship between our skeleton, muscles and the surrounding tissues of the body and also our brain to hold us upright against gravity. It plays a huge role in our health and wellness and provides maximum efficiency of our body. Without a good posture our body may have a hard time maintaining its optimum functions.

Your posture may be affecting your body in these ways:

  • -Breathing

  • -Blood and lymphatic circulation

  • -Nerve conductivity

  • -Digestion

  • -Mental wellbeing

Other than accidents or trauma, poor posture is the result of chronic bad habits from our daily activities. We are always engaging in repetitive motions or maintaining a position for prolonged periods of time. Today, posture-related problems are increasing dramatically due to the modern way we are living – we have become a society with more and more people working at sedentary desk jobs, looking down at smartphones, working with computers or watching television.

As our body begins to compensate for the activity we are doing, it throws the rest of the body out of alignment causing an imbalance in our posture. Postural imbalance compresses our internal organs, affecting its efficiency. This will lead to issues like difficulty breathing, chest pains, high blood pressure, nerve impingement and poor digestion.

Posture affects a great deal with the way we feel. The positioning of our body sends a message to the brain, and it helps blood and Endorphines to flow freely. Endorphins are happy hormones and they trigger a positive feeling in our body, and thus boosts our mental well-being. A research by Professor Richard Petty from Ohio State University states that when we slouch, we tend to roll our shoulders forward in a defensive position. From an evolutionary point of view, this position protects our torso and our organs. Our brain will think that we’re under attack because slouching tells the brain we’re stressed or unhappy. Thus, reflects in the way we feel.

Posture is often neglected, whether at work, at home or playing sports. When our body is no longer in an ideal balance, our muscles and joints have to work harder to hold us upright. As a result we may develop musculoskeletal pain or joint restriction such as headaches, neck and shoulder pain, lower back pain, knee and foot pain or any general discomfort, fatigues and reduced energy.

While improving our posture will take time and it is easy. Maintaining proper posture, however, is a frustrating problem. This is because our bodies have been ‘trained’ to a certain position for a long period of time and it caused some changes to the muscles and joints that keep them from ‘straightening’.

To reverse postural changes is to loosen up tight muscles and remove scar tissues that were formed over the years. Remedial Massage Therapy is a great treatment strategy for that, especially for those who have postural issues for a long time, and it will help the body to return its natural alignment and structural balance*. Remedial Massage Therapy serves some amazing benefits which may include:

  • -Promoting healing and increasing relaxation

  • -Lowering the blood pressure

  • -Reducing inflammation

  • -Inducing digestive response

  • -Getting rid of knots, kinks and tensions in overworked muscles that may have formed in our body from our daily stress

  • -Promoting and improving joint health

  • -Reducing chronic pain and headaches

  • -Reducing physical, mental and emotional stress

It is recommended to seek regular Remedial Massage Therapy treatment. Not only will it help you improve your posture, but to recover and reset both the mind and body to an optimum and healthier level!

*Disclaimer: Please know that the results are a typical and may vary from person to person

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