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TCM can help you with skin problems

TCM can help you with skin problems

Christmas is around the corner, does having black eyes, wrinkles or dark skin spots affect your mood? Do you want to have brighter skin and make dark spots lighter in a short amount of time? Do you know that TCM, Traditional Chinese Medicine, can treat dark skin spots and wrinkles? Furthermore, TCM can help make you feel younger and much more beautiful from inside out.


Qi, Blood and Skin problems

Ancient Chinese used herbs to treat most diseases including skin problems. In TCM we believe that skin problems are a reflection of a medical disease. For example, red face and red nose are the main symptoms of Rosacea, which is not only a skin disease, but also because of indigestion, especially in constipation or eating rich food for a long time. Dark skin is also a reflection of you internal health. TCM describes a healthy face as being bright with rosy cheeks. Short time tiredness may make you face a little white or yellow, but when you are always under pressure and worried, your face will change to dark. Over time, wrinkles will appear on your face and dark eyes will get even worse. TCM believes that mood is one of the most important factors in causing internal disease. Anger, sadness and anxiety will block Qi and blood which are the two basic materials in our bodies. Qi and Blood have the function of nourishing and moistening the whole body. When Qi and blood are filled, the mind is clear, high-spirited and eyes are bright. Without good nourishment, skin will inevitably get darker and darker, sometimes it will also bring bad breath.


How does TCM help?


Herbal Formula

Since we think internal disease is the main cause of these skin problems, TCM treats them using suitable formula and herbs. The classical formula is Siwu soup, which has four herbs. Ancient TCM records show Siwu Soup can significantly promote blood circulation, and now modern research and tests also show that Siwu soup can augment the hematopoietic function. After taking several sessions of Siwu Soup, you will find that your face is much redder, and even your mood is much more relaxed than before. As TCM mentioned, real change comes from the inside out.


Herbal Tea

If you think Formula is inconvenient for you, herbal tea may be a good option. Rose and Goji berry tea, red date and honey tea are the two most useful and popular teas in China. If you find your face is dark more than white, then rose and Goji berry tea is suitable for you. On the contrary, you may choose Red dates and honey tea when your face is white and your mood is in low.


Herbal Facial Powder

Have you heard before that herbal powder can also be used to do facial? Herbal powder is natural and has less side-effects than cosmetics. We have several herbs which have whitening function naturally, such as Baiji, Baizhi and Fuling. After being ground smoothly, they are mixed with medical cream or facial oil to create a facial cream. With professional facial massage, the herb powder will be effectively absorbed. Waiting 20 minutes on face, you can remove the cream and wash your face. It is especially suitable for clients also have acne. In the beginning, you need a facial twice a week, and after 2-3 weeks, you will see good results. To maintain the result, you need do facial once a week.


Healthy dietary and lifestyle

In TCM we think it is very important to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle. Avoiding rich foods and exercising regularly is recommended. Light foods can decrease indigestion and regular exercise can help promote metabolism keep skin healthy.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask Jessie. Jessie Zhu has had 15 years experience in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. She grew up and studied in Shanghai. In 2012 she was awarded the prestigious National Traditional Chinese Medicine award in Shanghai. She has worked in hospitals as well as private practice and has a keen interest in helping people to get pain relief as well as supporting them through headaches, hormonal imbalances and hay fever. For a free 10 minute phone briefing or to book an appointment with Jessie, please call 1300 21 44 25.

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