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The Emotional Intelligence of the Gut – Your Gut Feeling

The Emotional Intelligence of the Gut – Your Gut Feeling

How often do you have a sense that something doesn’t feel right within your body?

Where do you feel these sensations?

For many the stomach region holds these gifts of wisdom. Many people explain that it feels like their stomach is churning while experiencing symptoms of anxiety, fear, or like there is a great change in their life. And they may feel powerless to make decisions.

The solar plexus energy centre is found in the gut region and one of its prime roles is to hold emotions. In today’s world, currently the most prevalent emotion felt in this area is fear.

So is your gut feeling intuition or fear?

For me personally this was something I needed to explore because it was important to differentiate between the intuitive messages that were trying to support a bigger vision for life or my mind which holds a fear of losing power over my life.

To me, these messages feel very different. The intuitive message may bring up doubt, an emotion that arises when I am stretching into the unknown. It’s important to remember that this is a very normal feeling when assessing intuition. What differentiates intuition is that the intent behind the action required comes from the energy of love.

Whereas, the fear message, goes looking for something on our “hard drive of life” to attach meaning to. When it finds nothing, doubt appears. If this message is attached to old stories that bring up fear and it is more than likely to be a fabrication by the mind coming from the energy of fear.

In my trainings I teach how to understand and differentiate between the two vibrations. One which steals your power and the other allows you to step onto your authentic journey. Making slight shifts in the way we think can bring us back in alignment with health and well-being on all levels.

In 2010 I was to experience the outcome of digressing from my own authentic path. I had just been through a couple of very traumatic years and the outcome was that I developed 3 ulcers in my small bowel. Physically I could sense that something was eating into me. Emotional I was aware of giving myself a very hard time due to losing our home and a lifestyle that I loved. I found a lot of my self-talk was not supporting my ability to heal from the inside.

I started to realise the value of being gentle on myself, acknowledging the mis-takes that I had made and realising that to forgive myself and others involved would be a great place to start my healing journey. It was suggested that I take steroid therapy for 6 months. For me I knew this was unacceptable, yes I needed physical support, my blood tests showed some of my mineral levels were very low; I did not have the bacteria I needed to heal so I willingly went with healing at all levels starting with booking a naturopathic session. Looking back I remember being constipated indicating I felt very stuck. Others have mentioned experiencing irritable bowel syndrome where they felt really out of control in numerous areas of their lives.

The message here is that the body has an amazing intelligence available to us all yet most of us don’t pay attention until the body displays dis-ease. By learning the value and how to understand the different intuitive messages that are available to us offering guidance so we can make decisions to change our thoughts that enable inspired actions thereby avoiding a physical issue to manifest.

It is time for us to become aware of this special gift that emotions offer. They bring a gift of healing if we release and gain understanding of what they may have been attached to. They can BE a fantastic warning system attempting to tell you what may not be for your highest good.

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Written by Emma Tippett

Emma Tippett is a practicing Naturopath at Empowered Health in Melbourne. Website: http://www.empoweredhealth.com.au/andre-strand-nee-hepner/


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