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Weight Loss – Traditional Chinese Medicine can help!

Weight Loss – Traditional Chinese Medicine can help!

Do you always worry about your weight? Have you tried a lot of ways, but still can’t shift those unwanted kilo’s? Have you or are you giving up hope? Don’t give up yet! Traditional Chinese Medicine may help you!

Do you have one of these symptoms?

  • -Your body always feels tired and heavy

  • -Your tongue is light red and covered with a white, fairly thick layer

  • -Your face looks swollen and puffy when you wake up in the morning

  • -And your legs look swollen and puffy in the afternoon

If you answered yes to one of these questions you may be suffering from Yangqi deficiency, which is one of the reasons can cause obesity in Traditional Chinese Medicine. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine basic theory, Yangqi is a very important and fundamental material to our body. Yangqi can maintain body temperature, increase energy, enhance defense system, reinforce metabolism and promote circulation. Insufficiency of Yangqi can bring a lot of disease, such as digestion, period pain, headaches and even the inability to lose weight.

Why does Yaungqi affect weight loss?

Imagine that your body is like a machine which you need to keep working all the time – that’s 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 365 days a year. That’s going to take a lot of work! You’ll need energy and power just like a machine. Yangqi is the power or “fuel” of your body. A lack of Yangqi will impair your strength and energy levels.

How can Traditional Chinese Medicine help?

Yangqi deficiency is one of the main problems seen by Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners. There are many useful Herbal formulas can help like Buzhongyiqitang, Sijunzitang and Youguiwan. Although the best remedies are the ones we make up especially for you, I will make your individual formula depending on your symptom, tongue, and pulse.

In first stage (2-4 weeks), you may need to drink the formula twice a day for 2-4 weeks, then you will find you have more energy, good sleep and you can do sports again. Then we could adjust the formula to help you lose weight. You may find your digestion improves and you don’t feel as bloated anymore. This stage of the treatment needs 1-2 months. Once you get your ideal weight, you also need to keep it. We may suggest you take some Chinese tea to maintain your shape.

During the treatment, you may get optimal result if combining acupuncture and cupping. I did a controlled trial in China where I observed 80 clients over a period of time. 40 people had only herbal powder while the other 40 people had herbal powder with acupuncture. I observed that taking both herbal powder with acupuncture had greater results for weight loss than just the herbal powder alone.

Other useful tips to lose weight:

  • -Avoid eating much salty food because it may make you bloat

  • -Avoid creamy food like cake and ice cream because of its fat contents

  • -Enjoy your quality sleep because it can feed your Yangqi

  • -Warm water rather than iced or cold water because cold water may block the Qi

  • -Enjoy a regular foot spa because Traditional Chinese Medicine believes your feet are the root of life!

Getting your body in balance is one of the most important aspects in Traditional Chinese Medicine and without this balance your Yaungqi may be depleted leading to your struggle with weight loss! Book an appointment with me by calling reception on 1300 214 425 or emailing reception@empoweredhealth.com.au.

Together we can balance your body better!

Jessie Zhu is a qualified Chinese Medicine Doctor in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. With 15 years experience in China, Jessie is quickly establishing herself as a Chinese Medicine practitioner in Australia.

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