“There are many elements that contribute to each person’s unique health story. My job is to take those elements and help lay the foundations so you return to optimal health and achieve your desired outcome. It is my passion to help you on this journey and see you flourish”


BHs (Comp med), Ad Dip Hs (Nat), Cert NFE, MANTA

Nicole Haak is an experienced Melbourne Naturopath whose gentle approach and warm nature enable her to be an empathetic and supportive practitioner who takes a genuine interest in her clients’ needs. She has a deep passion for what she does. This is evident by her holistic approach to helping her patients find solutions to their health concerns and improve their quality of life.

Natural Fertility, IVF Support

After further studies and working in one of the leading Natural Fertility clinics in Melbourne; Natural Fertility, Preconception Care, IVF support, Pregnancy Care and Mother and Baby Health are Nicole’s special areas of interest. This not only includes female reproductive health but also male reproductive health.

The health of your baby starts well before falling pregnant. It involves making sure there is an adequate supply of all the necessary factors before, during and after pregnancy. This includes the health and vitality of eggs and sperm, a healthy pregnancy and the health and wellbeing of mother and baby after birth.

In addition to this Nicole also has a keen interest in the following areas:

• Hormone imbalances (including PCOS, endometriosis, fibroids, period pain)
• Digestive complaints including bloating, constipation, diarrhoea
• Sleep concerns
• Mood disorders such as depression, anxiety, stress and post-natal depression
• Low energy

She is registered with the Australian Natural Therapists Association (ANTA) as an accredited member. In addition to her Bachelor of Health Science (Complimentary Medicine) and Advanced Diploma Health Science (Naturopathy) she also holds a certificate in Natural Fertility Education. She regularly attends nutritional and herbal medicine seminars to enhance and develop her skills, keeping up to date with current research and understanding.

Nicole is passionate about motivating clients to lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle and guides her patients on their journey towards wellness and vibrancy through education, understanding and support.

By working collaboratively with your medical specialists and other health carers, Nicole is happy to open communication so that you get a holistic approach from all healthcare providers.

Nicole is also a fully qualified GAPS practitioner. GAPS offers an in depth understanding of how the gut and brain are linked and what can happen when this connection becomes disordered. GAPS can also provide an explanation as to how imbalanced gut bacteria and a “leaky gut” can have profound detrimental effects on our health.