Burping. Bloating. Excessive Wind. Diarrhoea. Constipation.


They’re not things we like to talk about, but any of these symptoms can have a major impact on our how we feel daily. Although these symptoms usually aren’t life threatening & are more “uncomfortable”, it’s important to still address the issue because you may not be absorbing your food as well as you could be. In recent times, the medical research that has been done into the importance of your microbiome in the context of your whole health has revealed what Naturopaths have been saying for a long time, good health starts in the gut!

We use the most up to date functional gut test that will give you all the information that you need to know to get your gut health back on track. The Complete GI Microbiome Mapping will tell us what all of your good and not so good bacteria and microbes are up to, plus lots more information on functional gut markers that will influence how this important system is functioning.

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*Disclaimer: Please know that the results are a typical and may vary from person to person