The practice of Naturopathy understands that your body has everything it needs to function normally as well as the power to heal itself. Sometimes, it just needs a helping hand! By using a system of medicine such as herbal, nutritional medicine and homeopathy as well as lifestyle changes, your body is given the resources it needs to heal and bring itself back into balance.

Where did Naturopathy begin?

2,500 years ago Hippocrates, a Greek physician formulated the concept of the “Healing Power Of Nature”. Also known as “The Father Of Medicine”, Hippocrates recognised nature provides us with many of the answers when we become “dis-eased”.

Where is Naturopathy going?

Naturopathy is a healing system, which focuses on giving the body the tools it needs to heal, rather than stopping a symptom. Science is now catching up to the historical use of many of our herbs and nutrients being scientifically studied in great detail. This, along with empirical evidence that what we do works, Empowered Health continues to lead the way in blending science with nature.

  1. First, Do No Harm

Natural Medicine is very safe. There are very few reported cases annually of adverse reactions. Naturopaths are trained for no less than 3 years. So it’s important to see a professional instead of self-prescribing; not only will you save time but you’ll save money by taking the guess work out of your prescriptions.

  1. The Healing Power of Nature

Having been around for thousands of years, most herbal medicine is safe and will help to strengthen and heal your body. Herbs that come from your garden may even help to heal your body. This is what nature does at it’s best! It’s always important to see your naturopath to make sure that you have the right herbal medicine for you.

  1. Treat The Cause, Not Just The Symptoms

Naturopathy aims to treat the cause of your symptoms, keeping you off medications and supplements long term. It takes skill, sometimes time and commitment on both your part and ours. But we are there for you because we believe you can live the life you’ve always dreamed about – illness free!

For life threatening conditions, medications may be needed and we leave that to the relevant practitioners and work within those parameters.

  1. Treat Each Person As A Whole Person And Individually

No two people are the same, so why would their treatments be the same? You are someone special and you have something undesirable going on in your body. What that is, how it affects you and why it’s come to be are uniquely yours! So we are interested in all aspects of your health to ensure we get to the root cause of your personal symptoms and as a result, help you achieve your optimal health!

  1. Education Is The Key To Healthy Living

These days, at some stage everything is deemed “unhealthy” in the media. There is so much speculation about what you should or shouldn’t eat and do that it’s become confusing! The Empowered Health team are here to educate you with the information you personally need to make the healthiest decisions possible. As George Washington Carver said, education is the key to unlocking the golden door of freedom and we believe your health is your freedom.

  1. Prevention Is Better Than Cure.

Your optimal health is sustainable so we aim to get you there and keep you there!



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