About Empowered Health

Empowered Health is a Holistic Health Clinic in Melbourne offering Naturopathic treatments for a variety of health conditions.

The clinic was founded in 2014 to service the needs of those looking for effective natural treatment outside of clinical medicine. In 2016, Naturopath Emma Tippett became the Director of Empowered Health and the primary clinician. Emma has strong values for practicing with integrity, always putting the patients best interests above all else. Emma strives to create an environment where you feel nurtured, heard and supported in all ways.

With over 30 years of combined experience as Naturopaths, the practitioners at Empowered Health have successfully treated a wide range of health conditions and gained a trusted reputation among the community for effective natural treatment and education.

What Makes Empowered Health Different to Other Naturopaths?

1. Our Approach to Medicine

Unlike many other naturopaths, Empowered Health provides an integrated approach to treating your cause of illness by taking a thorough history and analysis of your current and past medical history. With medicine being such a broad topic, we don’t shy away from specialists in other areas – in fact we welcome their perspective and try to gather a well rounded, in depth view of your health.

2. Specifically Compounded Natural Medicine

Rather than offering you a typical multivitamin like many others would, we take the time to carefully assess your current medical condition through a variety of scientific testing methods. Once we’ve established the root cause of your symptoms, we address the imbalances or deficiencies, by delivering medicine specifically compounded to you.

The medicine compounded for you is done with a very high standard. Being a pioneer in compounding pharmacy in Australia, we’ve been practicing for over 40 years and are experts at formulating natural medication to meet your specific needs.

If you’ve ever seen a practitioner and they’ve given you too many different things to take, you’ll know it can feel overwhelming! Here at Empowered Health we do things differently. We prefer to give you natural medicines that are tailor made especially for you. We’ll put the most important ingredients into one container; simple, easy, affordable! This is individualised healthcare at its best!

3. Warm Service & Lasting Advice

With each visit you make to our clinic, you’ll be greeted with warmth, understanding and care. While many clinics are quick to prescribe, we take the time to truly listen to your concerns to gain a clear picture of your overall circumstances. In addition to treating your conditions, we will also empower you with health information to maintain a healthy body and mind over the long term, ensuring you have more vigour, vitality and zest for life!



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