Vanita is a passionate specialist in the fields of science based nutritional and environmental medicine. Vanita has special interest in illnesses such as CFS, FM, IBS, Menopause, Andropause, men’s health, fatigue, adrenal, mental health such as anxiety and depression. Specific areas of expertise include:

• Gastrointestinal health. (e.g. parasites, flora, yeast, leaky gut & digestive insufficiency).
• Nutrient imbalances, lifestyle, diet.
• Allergies/intolerances.
• Environmental. (e.g. heavy metals, synthetic chemicals, mold, etc.)
• Biochemical. (e.g. neurotransmitters & hormones)
• Chronic bacterial and viral infections.
• Disordered sleep.
• Psycho-social factors.
• Mums and Babies health e.g. infertility, colic, Post Natal depression
• Mental Health e.g. depression, stress, anxiety, ADD, OCD

Vanita Dahia, pharmacist, naturopath, clinical nutritionist , Mental Health nutritionist, Ayuredic consultant and Fellow in Anti-ageing and Regenerative Medicine works as a clinical consultant for a functional pathology laboratory providing technical assistance and presenting seminars to doctors, naturopaths, pharmacists and allied health practitioners internationally. She has extensive experience as a pharmacist in both conventional and integrative medicine. She has worked in community and hospital pharmacy as well as the pharmaceutical industry in Australia & South Africa. Having owned and managed one of the oldest traditional compounding pharmacies in Australia for 16 years, Vanita is a wealth of information on bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, alternative cancer therapies, custom tailored nutritional medicine and cosmaceutical skin therapy.

She presents and teaches her peers on Integrative Medicine, functional pathology nationally and internationally. She continues to update her expertise with current concepts in Biomedical Balance and Integrative Medicine.

Vanita values the principle of optimal integrative health to empower, heal & serve. She incorporates her pharmaceutical compounding knowledge together with herbalism, homoeopathy, ayurvedic medicine and energy medicine like pranic healing & reiki to assist others to achieve the best health outcomes. She is a member of PCCA, IACP, PSA, A5M.

She provides crisis counselling services as a volunteer for Pharmaceutical support services.