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Philosophy of empowered health

Our philosophy is to empower people about their health by giving them the tools and guidance needed to reach an optimal level of wellbeing, throughout their life by blending science with nature.

We are also committed to playing a role in community and environmental health to encapsulate synergistic wellness.

Practitioner Philosophy:

From Vanita:
"I see myself as a partner in my patient´s health journey. A large part of what I do is teach patients how to get well and stay healthy. But the first step in any program is for you, the patient, to take responsibility for your own health.

I practice what I simply call good medicine, combining the best of modern contemporary medicine with the best of alternative and complementary medicines. It blends the knowledge we've gained from science with wisdom from ancient healing traditions. We are all as unique as our fingerprints. Food is “data” that the body uses to direct the complex actions that keep us vibrantly alive, so loading up on junk food is like taking the fast lane to a giant system failure.

Most diseases do not have a single cause, multiple factors are usually involved. They are a result of multiple, complex, interacting factors which are not addressed when we look for a single cause and a magic bullet treatment.
What I try to do is restore function or improve function. I try to restore the ability of the body to adapt to the stresses of life or support the tissues that have failed to adapt adequately.

Most patients I see in my practice are what I call the “walking wounded”, not sick enough to be in hospital, but in enough discomfort that they know something is wrong. My philosophy is simple, bring the body back to rhythm. We are rhythmic beings, but our modern lives have thrown these rhythms off. We have outpaced our biology."

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