Philosophy of Empowered Health

Our philosophy is to empower people about their health by giving them the tools and guidance needed to reach an optimal level of wellbeing, throughout their life by blending science with nature.

We are also committed to playing a role in community and environmental health to encapsulate synergistic wellness.

Practitioner Philosophy

The true aim of a Naturopath is to find the underlying causes and contributing factors that are leading the body to manifest its particular expression of imbalance, disease or discomfort. In my experience, these things usually develop after the body has been trying to let us know that something is not right for a long time. It’s only when it’s very uncomfortable do we stop and listen. Usually a Naturopath is not the first person you may choose to see for your condition, so the imbalance may be present for many years or may move deeper into the function and physiology of the body.

Our aim is to hear all the information, your story and that of your body. Once we have it all laid out, then we must find a way to provide the support through herbal medicine, nutritional medicine and counselling and lifestyle recommendations to stimulate the body’s innate healing mechanisms.

Optimal health and wellbeing is within your reach once you understand and support the body’s innate wisdom to find and maintain balance.