What conception care options are right for me?

It can be daunting. Whether you just want to get healthy before you fall pregnant or are having difficulty conceiving, it can be hard to know what to do.


One in 6 couples have difficulty conceiving and it can be overwhelming with so much information out there – how do you know where to begin and what information is correct? You might feel like you’re tying yourself in knot’s trying to do everything or not knowing where to start.


There’s so many options:

Natural Fertility, Melbourne IVF. Monash IVF.

While we can’t comment on IVF, we do have a lot to say about the benefits of Natural Fertility.


Why Natural Fertility?

Natural Fertility means that we may support your body to do what it is supposed to do. In women, we help to improve their cycles and mucous production through using herbal and nutritional medicine*. Herbal medicine has been around for thousands of years and many women have had success with re-establishing their natural cycle using herbal medicine.

*Disclaimer: Please know that the results are a typical and may vary from person to person

For men, low sperm count, often means that we need to look at what’s affecting the sperm. Some nutrient deficiencies, dietary habits and heat can all affect sperm production. Although most of the emphasis is usually placed on a woman’s fertility , low sperm count is becoming more common with increased toxicity in our environment and high stress factors. It’s as important to have a healthy sperm as it is to have healthy eggs because this is the best start to make your baby. Studies show that high stress, exposure to chemicals that disrupt hormones and lack of some nutrients can affect both egg and sperm quality and can have an affect on a women’s cycle.

What is Natural Fertility?

Natural fertility means that we look at the natural rhythm of your cycle and ensure it is balanced and functioning correctly.



By informing you of the very intricate systems of your reproduction health we aim to help and guide you to manage your own fertility. We ensure you have all the necessary nutrients to create healthy hormones, healthy cervical mucous, ovulatory function, nervous system health and balance so that you are creating the best possible environment in your body to make a baby. Importantly we ensure you are emotionally supported through one on one consultations and have access to us at those critical times of the month if you are unsure of what your next step should be.



We look at all sperm parameters and help them to come up to adequate levels*. We assess your current diet, lifestyle and chemical exposure and give you information on how they may be impacting your health and help you to make adjustments that are as easy as possible.

*Disclaimer: Please know that the results are a typical and may vary from person to person

How is this done?

At Empowered Health, we aim to get you to your peak level of fertile health. After careful assessment and looking at any previous tests you’ve had done, we help you make the necessary changes to get to a better level of health. The nutrients you nourish your body will help to make your baby, so it makes sense that to have a healthy baby, we want to start with healthy parents. Herbal or supplemental preparations will be tailor made to your personal issues and health. Diet and lifestyle changes may also play a role in your prescription. And we may suggest other tests to either get a baseline or ensure that we have all the right aspects of your fertility health. There are many environmental factors that can affect a persons fertility in both men and women so we aim to educate you and supply you with plans and options to help make any changes as seamless as possible.


Are there any tests that you do?

Depending on your own personal situation we may investigate your hormonal levels, liver function, nutrient levels and other possible tests through blood, saliva and urinary testing. Some of this you may have already had done by your Gynecologist, GP or other specialists so we ask you bring copies of results with you.


What’s the difference between IVF and Natural Fertility Management?

Natural fertility techniques aim at stimulating your body to create, manage and excrete its owns hormones, to get you to a perfect balance of hormones, cycles, mucous production and nutrients making both you and your partner ready to go through pregnancy, birth and beyond.

We don’t use artificial hormone stimulation, instead, we use gentle herbs to help your body produce more or less of a particular hormone (if needed). Our herbs have been used for thousands of years and we love our success stories!


Do you work with IVF?

We work with many clients who are undergoing IVF. Our naturopaths have extensive experience with IVF processes and always keep up to date with the latest techniques. The techniques we use when a client is undergoing IVF are complementary to IVF and not contraindicated.