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10 Things I Know For Sure About Health

10 Things I Know For Sure About Health

Since taking some time off practising and now coming back, I’ve had a lot of time to reflect on what health is. Recently I read an article by Oprah that was titled “10 things I know for sure”, so I thought I would ride her coat tails a little and write my own, with a health twist in mind!

“10 things I know about health for sure”

1. Your mind is more powerful than your body.
Occasionally I would have someone come into the clinic, arms crossed and sit down in the seat and say to me “natural medicine doesn’t work”. I know that with all my heart that it probably won’t work for this person.

It may still be helping to make the same biochemical changes in their body that it would for another person, but if their mind is overriding this, then it is a struggle for healing to occur because the mind and the body are not in alignment.

Alternately those that are open to positive change often achieve an amazing new level of health and a new respect and appreciation for their health.

This the power of the mind.

2. Your body has the most amazing ability to heal.
Modern medicine provides us with many miracles in what it can do for us, particularly in acute situations. But often chronic conditions leave people feeling “below average” in their health. Given the right tools – good nutrition, sleep, calmness, exercise and love, your body has the most amazing ability to regenerate and heal.

3. Preparation is the key to healthy eating.
If you are on the run all the time, grabbing food willy-nilly, chances are the choices you are making aren’t as good as they could be. Set some time aside for buying healthy, fresh food and cooking it. Make double the amount and have leftovers so you don’t have to cook every night. Make it easy for when you are hungry and tired. Have your “go to” meal ready!

4. “Saying no to others is saying yes to me” – Cheryl Richardson
This is one of my favourite quotes. Often we don’t put ourselves and our health first because we feel obligated to others. We feel it may to damage to our friendships, business relationships and family. However, by saying no when you don’t really want to do something, will allow more space for putting yourself and therefore your health first. This is, in a round about way, also putting these relationships first, because you are the central theme and if you aren’t well, then it is more difficult to maintain these relationships. Keep your own cup full first. It will give others permission to fill their cups too!

5. Your body is not immortal.
Often we will push our bodies through times of stress and it is great that our bodies allow us to do this to get through an adverse time. But when we keep pushing and pushing, our body will give us a message to “slow down”. It might be a cold you just can’t get over or a chronic illness. But these are the messages your body is sending to say “you can’t get away with pushing me like this any more. Something has to change and it needs to be you.”
Often when we have a health crisis, it makes us re evaluate what we are doing and allows us to prioritise our health and not take it for granted any more. Some of the most ill patients I have had walk through my door are the most grateful for the experience and changed, new, vibrant people when they get through the other side.

6. Focus on the boundaries and the balance will follow
In the media and social media, there is an emphasis that we all need to have more “balance” in our lives. And yes, having balance in all area’s is one aspect of having outstanding health…but have you ever found that it is quite difficult to achieve? By sitting back and working out what your boundaries are, will allow the balance to follow. For example, a boundary might be “I don’t take work home at night with me”. This then allows the balance of spending time with your friends and family. What are your boundaries?

7. Anti-aging medicine is easy
A healthy attitude and a willingness to keep learning, good sleep, natural food, exercise, calmness and time with friends, family &/or community are the recipe for living a long healthy life.

8. Foods that Nature Provided are best to choose first
If there are words on the back of a packet that look technical and you struggle to say them, it’s probably not the best food to eat. Food can either increase your energy and improve the performance of your body, or it can rob you of energy, make you tired, lethargic and rob your body of nourishment. As a general rule, foods in their natural form are the healthiest ones for you. Packaged foods probably aren’t that great for you. The exception to the rule is the occasional soul nourishing food, which are foods that are beautiful to share or bring back memories. These are foods that give you bliss and are enjoyed on occasion with love.

9. Move it or lose it!
Keep moving – walking, stretching, running, swimming, dancing – whatever you enjoy. Find a movement activity that you enjoy and keep doing it. Moving helps your body and gives you a feel good feeling afterwards. Movement improves serotonin and endorphin levels.

10. Invest in your health
Investing in your health with time, finances, sweat, sleep, natural foods and priority, is a sign of love. Love for yourself and those around you. And isn’t love the best medicine of all.

Andrea Strand has been a practising naturopath for over 10 years. Her particular area's of interest include hormonal imbalances and adrenal fatigue. For more information or to book an appointment with Andrea call 1300 21 44 25.

Written by Emma Tippett

Emma Tippett is a practicing Naturopath at Empowered Health in Melbourne. Website: http://www.empoweredhealth.com.au/andre-strand-nee-hepner/


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