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What really is detoxification and why do a detox?

What really is detoxification and why do a detox?

What’s treading? Social Media has framed a way for healthy living like no other. The great thing is that healthy food and a healthy lifestyle are in vogue , which is great for the overall health of our population.

I have definitely noticed the new generation who have grown up with social media are a lot more health aware then 20 years ago! So with this new found health tread, we need to talk about detoxification, because it’s not just a fad or an insta photo of kale.

It is a process that can have some major health benefits for anyone who undertakes it properly with a fully qualified health professional (I’m not recommending a detox from off the shelf at the local chemist).

So who may benefit from a detox?

(Remember that everyone is different and it’s about finding the cause and detoxification for some people may be part of that)

Are you suffering from:

Low Energy
• Feeling of fullness
• Constipation
• General feeling of unwellness
• Acne
Hormonal imbalance (period pain, irregular periods, PMS)
• Being overweight
• Headaches
• Difficulty conceiving

What is detoxification:

In your liver you have 2 sets of enzymes called phase 1 and phase 2. Enzymes break things down in your body and in the case of you liver, phase 1 and phase 2, break down toxins.

If you think back 2 -3 generations, there was no petrol (horse and cart!), no plastics, no household and personal item chemicals. And although heavy metals were an issue in some instances, they weren’t high in our oceans for small fish to digest.

Pesticides and herbicides were not as powerful and we didn’t have GMO’s! These toxins can upset phase 1 and 2 so they don’t work as effectively.

So although doing a detox may seem like a “fad” or something that has just taken the limelight, it’s actually a very important thing to do for optimal health.

Specific nutrients may help to reverse the enzymes so that they work more effectively, thus being able to break down toxins better.

It is important to note that some people with certain genetic predispositions such as a MTHFR mutation, heavy metal exposure, high stress or digestive issues need to work on those things first otherwise you can have an adverse reaction to detoxing.

Be sure to always see your fully qualified health professional for an assessment and guidance as to the right detox for you and enjoy your newfound energy, vitality and feeling of wellness!

Andrea Strand has been a practising naturopath for over 13 years. She has a special interest in hormonal imbalances and often finds that detoxification can improve hormone balance as well as overall wellbeing. To book an appointment with Andrea please call 1300 21 44 25.


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