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How can Acupuncture help to support healthy weight loss?

How can Acupuncture help to support healthy weight loss?

According to the Chinese Medicine theory, there are numerous causes of weight gain. In general, weight gain is caused by imbalance of the internal organs which are mainly liver, spleen, stomach and intestine.

For example, spleen is an organ which is responsible for your digestion, absorption and assimilation. Once your spleen function is affected, a lot of waste or toxins will be accumulated into your body. It is called “dampness” or “phlegm” from Chinese Medicine point of view. Such toxins and waste will then be stored in your body, especially in tummy, and you will get fatter and fatter afterwards.

Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs can help to boost and balance your organs’ function, cleanse the phlegm and dampness, reduce appetite, increase the metabolism and reduce stress.

The effectiveness of Acupuncture varies from person to person. Generally speaking, it is recommended that at least 2-3 sessions a week for at least 8 weeks in order to achieve a good result.

Winnie is a caring and passionate Acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine Practitioner who graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong which is one of the most internationally prestigious and well-known university. She received the Bachelor Degree of Chinese Medicine with First Class Honours and afterward acquired her Master degree of Science in Acupuncture from her alma mater.


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