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This spring, make massage part of your weight loss program! Find out why….

This spring, make massage part of your weight loss program! Find out why….

Well, spring time is here, and for those of us who have been a little demotivated to exercise during winter would most likely received that motivation back.

Often times, when we become motivated to exercise again, we tend to over exercise too quickly. This not only leads to muscle and joint soreness, but also fatigue can quickly kick in again, making us feel too tired to exercise the next day.
And this is where massage therapy can help beat the over exercise and post exercise fatigue.

Massage therapy assists with muscle and joint recovery by removing toxins from muscles by promoting circulation. Good circulation creates good breathing and resting patterns, which in turn stimulates to body’s endorphins (happy hormones).
With all of this taking place, not only will it reduce your soreness and stiffness, but it will encourage you to partake in exercise regularly.

As massage therapy also improves the flow of lymph, this actually strengthens your immune system, which also encourages you to eat healthier.

By asking your massage therapist if they are able to perform an abdominal massage will also help to stimulate the internal organs and helps get rid of excess waste accumulated in the intestinal wall which also promotes weight loss.

Once your body starts feeling healthier, your lifestyle becomes healthier.

Lilley is a caring and compassionate massage therapist who has had over 15 years experience in this field. Lilley specialises in relaxation and therapeutic massage as well as sports and remedial massage in the treatment of various musculoskeletal pathologies.


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