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Food as medicine this Winter!

Food as medicine this Winter!

Using food as medicine is inexpensive, convenient and can create healthy habits. Why not consider sprouting or juicing for the benefit of your immune system this winter.


Sprouts can be purchased already sprouted, or the seeds can be purchased (health food shops, online) and sprouted yourself at home. It only takes a few days, and one minute of your time! They are nutritious, easy to digest and immune boosting.

Alfalfa sprouts

* Rich in vitamin C and K.
* Are anti-inflammatory & antioxidant.
* Contain chlorophyll which is good for the liver, is blood cleansing and helps good balance within the gut microbiota (good gut bacteria).
* Contains enzymes that assist with digestion.

Broccoli seed sprouts

These beauties are higher in sulphoraphane than broccoli head (vegetable) and are therefore considered a concentrated source.

* Contain digestive enzymes and aids digestion.
* Contains vitamins C and E.
* Are liver cleansing by upregulating phase II liver detoxification.
* Are anti-inflammatory and antioxidant in the lungs.
* Reduces flu & viral respiratory infections, symptoms and duration, also as a preventative.

Mung bean sprouts

* Nutritious, a good source of minerals (including magnesium & zinc), folate, protein (24%) and fibre..
* Anti-inflammatory.
* Anti-microbial, which means useful at fighting harmful bacteria, viruses and colds.

Top Tips: Only eat healthy, fresh sprouts – use clean, bacteria free seeds when sprouting, as they sprout, they should smell clean and crisp, not damp or mouldy.


Don’t add ice in winter, keep it room temperature. Here are some juice suggestions for colds and flu:

Lemon juice in water (can be warm water if you like) – Half juice, half water. Contains vitamin C, blood purifier, good for the liver. Do not use lemon in colitis.

Grapefruit, raw honey & parsley (only 1 tbs max of parsley juice) – high in vitamin C and is blood cleansing.

Carrot, lemon & pineapple juice –

Carrot juice is blood cleansing, high in vitamins including vitamin C.
Pineapple contains anti-inflammatory enzymes (bromelain), vitamin C, aids digestion, is lymphatic, detoxifying. Pineapple is specific for sore throats and acute sinusitis.

Carrot, beetroot & cucumber –

(1/2 - 1/4 a beetroot max per person) 3 parts carrot to 1 part cucumber, plus beet.
Beetroot is lymphatic, good for the liver, constipation, can increase white blood cells, and is nourishing. Cucumber is also a kidney & skin tonic.

Carrot, celery & radish –

Radish can contain good amounts of vitamin C and iodine, is good for the liver and digestion. Celery is alkalising, detoxifying and is natures electrolyte drink.

Nadia Peach holds a Bachelor of Health Science degree in Naturopathy from the Southern School of Natural Therapies. Nadia is particular about finding the underlying cause in her treatments and using the most effective techniques available to assist you to improve your health. An appropriate blend of science based and traditional medicine are used within the treatment approach.


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